Attack of the Jellies

Captain’s Log – Star Date July 13, 2012

Today we awoke right as the sun rose, at a grueling 7:30 AM. As outrageous as that was, I survived and arrived early to our usual meeting place. We took the taxi/bus/truck to our breakfast consisting of sausage, hot dogs, and eggs. The protein was off the charts and the taste right along with it. We tagged turtles and snorkeled trying to find a turtle in which to label, name, obtain measurements and release back into the warm embrace of Poseidon. Underneath our boat we happened to find a barracuda, a quick and nasty predator capable of digging its teeth into a human neck and shredding it to pieces, luckily they do not attack people due to our handsome looks and amazing physique that makes them shudder in awe. Tagging a turtle is extremely difficult as we learned, having to wait for the turtle to calm down as we inserted a microchip into its shoulder. Once we made our way back I had a delicious grouper burger and instantly lost myself in a sort of trance, losing my self in its flavor and losing my mind to its pure greatness. We made our way over to Little Dix Bay where we snorkeled for a spectacular 2 hours. Unfortunately, the water was infested with jellyfish, but my agility and my swimming prowess allowed me to pass through the hordes unscathed. We explored many of the caves on the dive, seeing much of the batholitic rock with a lot of pockets caused by the bubbles from magma as it rose to the surface because of plate tectonics. Amazing what earth can do simply by being itself. Afterwards we had dinner at Mad Dog’s having Mexican food and loving every second of it.


Capitan out

Francis Rey Hipolito, Capitan

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